This is Elim

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“If I have the courage to pursue what I love, then so do you”.

Throwback to the eighties when a little, dark-eyed girl sees the light of day for the first time. Elim Chan – born on November 18, 1986, in Hong Kong– is the oldest of three siblings. From the moment she could walk and talk, it became clear that she was a perfectionist at heart. Her love for music sparked as soon as she sang her first note in the children’s choir in Hong Kong. Elim started playing the piano at six. When Elim was thirteen, one of her choir teachers saw something in her that truly marked the beginning of her musical journey. She saw a chief conductor in the making, and she was right.

However, it was never an obvious choice for Elim to pursue a career in music. She initially went to the United States to study psychology. As soon as Elim realised she wanted to follow her true passion – which, so clearly, is music – she changed her path of study. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in music at Smith College, and continued her studies at the University of Michigan, where she earned both her Master’s and Doctorate degrees in orchestral conducting.

The turning point of Elim’s life came in December 2014 when she became the first-ever female winner of the Donatella Flick-LSO Competition, and got the opportunity to serve as the assistant conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra. From this season onwards Elim begins her tenure as the Chief Conductor of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, and continues to serve as principal guest conductor of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

When Elim is not rehearsing, studying pieces or listening to music, you’ll probably catch her eating – major foodie alert – or enjoying a fresh mint tea in an Amsterdam café or walking in the nature.